A brief for my clients.

Creating a brand is quite demanding. I’ll say it again. “Brand creation is rigorous”. Knowing this is vital to the successful finishing of the process, and the resultant brand.

It takes a whole lot of resources to make it work: time, energy, money, etc.

At some point, the brand owner might have discouraging thoughts, such as: “why the hassle? What’s the point of this rigorous process?” 

Hmm! The point is in the market that you are trying to appeal to, and penetrate. The point is in the industry, buzzing with competitors, of which you are one, and must win. 

“Every brand needs care and investment.” — steve jobs.

A brand cannot appeal to or penetrate any market by doing the same things others are doing. Neither can it win in its industry by being mediocre. It’ll get lost.

You must use your own style, and uniqueness. Don’t worry; there is so much uniqueness in the world as the number of people in it. You have yours; use it! I call it “natural personal effect“. It can be seen and perceived in everything that pertains to you.

Now, a brand, in this regard, is not the company or just the business. Neither is it just a product, as commonly used. a brand is the soul of the company. that person factor that helps it connect with the people, and that makes it a living thing. 

When you think of the personality of your company, then you’re thinking of a brand.

And what do you do to a brand, you give it a home [to live in]; you give it a unique face [to be identified with], a voice [to communicate], and generally, you mould its character, so that it becomes a relational being. having the ability to relate and interact.

Brand visual identity

What are the features of the brand?

There is a whole lot that makes up the brand but our focus here is on the brand identity. This includes the name, logo, tagline, slogans, colors, and overall look-and-feel of the brand.

These elements must communicate meaning: your business values, your promise to the customer, and the overall essence of the business.

They should have the same feel, and be in harmony, to reinforce the brand to the people at every encounter.
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– the brand creation process is very demanding.
– it takes time, energy, money, etc.
– if you don’t appear different, you may not win.
– the brand is the soul of the company, and needs care and investment.
– it must have a unique identity.
– each element of the whole brand identity should convey relative meaning, represent, and reinforce,  the brand promise.

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