The human has a “fire” that lights up every space wherein they are found. Be it a living person, a full or part visual or vocal representation of a human; it has a way it gives an acceptable and endearing appeal (feel) to a thing or a place.

You have heard it many times that people prefer to deal with things that has that human factor. You know about customer relationships. You may have even used these concepts yourself. Such as making reference to something as being “humanly”.

Now it’s your turn to make “something” as humanly as possible – and that “something” is your brand.

It starts with your vision and mission in business.

What are you set out to achieve? Who and what does it involve? How much value and care (brand promise) are you willing to offer to these people (your target audience) involved? What are you willing to sacrifice? 

By the time your brand creation process is already asking and answering these types of questions, you are already giving your brand that human factor that makes everything worthy. 

Then you begin to incorporate these answers into your communication patterns, your brand touchpoints, your marketing strategies, publicity and ads.

Let’s get a bit more practical:

1. In your graphical designs, don’t just use only shapes and texts, add something human. More like a human face, a full portrait, or any part of a human body that speaks life.

2. In your audio-visual contents, use a real human voice, and maybe some real human pictures, not just cartoons and animated figures.

3. Use autoresponders with caution. [There’s nothing too human about]. It’s better to use a good notification system to know when a prospect or customer is contacting, and respond immediately. And better still, you can set time that you are available to respond to new messages or calls, so that anyone contacting can know their waiting time.

There’s so much you can incorporate into your brand to give it that human factor that wins hearts, and eventually boosts revenues.

In line with the above, you can begin to review your branding, and you will discover more areas that pertain to it specifically; where you need to add some human touch, and watch for the results.


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