How to add users in WordPress Dashboard

Now your site is up and ready, you want to invite other contributors to work on your website and blog site. Whether you are running a website or blog site, managing multiple users on your site is just a clicks on your dashboard. WordPress comes with a built -in user managerial system that allows you add users with different roles . These roles have different permission levels, learn more of this WordPress admin users and their role.

Here are five steps with well explained images that will guide you on how to Add a New User on your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard by the left side bar, hover over users, the side bar with three functions will appear.

Step 2. Click on Add New on the side bar

3. On the Add New user page fill in the credentials of the new user. It’s important you click on send the new user an email about their account. You can also generate new password or edit the generated password to fit your choice. Also give attention to the password color indications for a strong or weak passwords.

Step 4. Choose a role for your users . It’s important that you understand the various user role that WordPress allows you to create and their permission levels . Permission levels are based on roles, to prevent unauthorized posting or changes, ensure you assign rightly these roles. Learn about the five categories of WordPress users their roles .

Step 5. Finally, click “Add New User”.

You can now see your added users on the profile page . If you ever need to edit or remove any user, you can also do so here. If you are looking to start a WordPress blog, or create a website for your business or company, reach out to us here

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