How to uninstall a program with Command Prompt

Before I proceed, it’s important to note that this method is for advanced use. Mostly used to go around any difficulty faced during a normal uninstall process using the control panel function.
Let’s dive in:

1. Press the Windows button, and search for the command prompt. When it appears, right-click, and select “Run as administrator”

2. In the Command Prompt that appears, type “wmic” and press Enter.
A line will show up – wmic:root/cli> 

3. Type “product get name” in the prompt line, and press Enter
Wait a few seconds, and a list of software packages installed on your computer will appear.

4. When you have spotted the exact name of the software, type in the following syntax in the command line to uninstall the software, replacing the hash symbols with the exact name of the software: “product where name ###### call uninstall”.
Example: product where name blender call uninstall

5. When prompted, press “Y” key, then press ENTER to confirm.
After a few seconds, you will see “method execution successful”.

The last screenshot looks a little bit shabby, but you already got the point. Now go on and smash it.

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