Marketing tips from the 2022 Creative Forecast by Meta

  • Intro
  • Why the forecast
  • Highlights of the creative forecast
  • The 5 key creative shifts identified:


The marketing industry can be very overwhelming with new trends springing forth every now and then but at the same time, exciting and rejuvenating if you are a flex. By the way, if you’re not, the marketing industry is not for you, just hand your brand communications over to the right hunters, and they will deliver your goals to you.

Straight to the point, I read the 2022 creative forecast article released by Meta, in the second week of October, and I thought it important to extract and share quick tips from it.

Why the forecast

The report is strategically created to insight marketers and brand owners about marketing trends, cultural shifts, and buyer behavior that will dominate the industry in the coming year ahead, and to help them adjust and position better.

It studied styles, voices, and structure of 100 top-performing creatives and high-impact campaigns on its platform in the past “marketing year”, and landed us 5 creative trends for the future of brand communications and marketing activities.

Highlights of the creative forecast

Having a good knowledge of reader behavior too, I have highlighted the notable points from the creative forecast, to help you easily get in the flow.

The intro – The birth of big ideas
Here, the report states: “People are hungry for bold, insightful creative advertising that taps into today’s societal changes and technological innovations to deliver real value.”

“People are emerging from a survival mode with greater expectations about life and work, more awareness of social issues and an enhanced appreciation for the ability of technology to connect us with one another and with brands”

The 5 key creative shifts identified:

  • Empower the crowd
  • Elevate unheard stories
  • Shop the moment
  • Solve it IRL
  • Unlock the you-verse

Let’s throw some light

1. Empowering the crowd
The forecast examined a campaign where Pampers asked its community of experienced parents to provide tips and share their experiences in tending to toddlers. This gave every brand user a voice, and let others know that they belong to a community of people who understand what it is to be in their boat.

2. Elevate unheard stories
“People want more: They want to be inspired and refreshed with original and authentic stories—especially from groups that they don’t typically get to hear from.”

To elevate unheard stories, consider answering the following:
Are there communities doing amazing things with our products/services that we’ve never highlighted? Search them out and recreate them in styles that spark fresh interest and brand loyalty.

3. Shop the moment
As deduced from the report, in an attempt to get shoppers during the big buy season, Tiki, an e-commerce brand, organized a modeling talent show and streamed it live on Facebook Watch. And strategically giving the audience opportunities to shop the moment.
This boosted sales for the brand, and of course, most of those shoppers will be converted into brand loyalists.

4. Solve it IRL (in real life)
The report stated thus – “go beyond talk and use technology in innovative ways to help relieve the big pain points of your audiences.”
Brands that invest in social values win people’s hearts more and gain more brand advocates.

5. Unlock the you-verse
From the report, “People say a top reason they don’t engage with the Paralympics is that they feel they can’t relate. To address this, the International Paralympic Committee wanted to go beyond a traditional ad campaign. So, the organization created RAW, a reality and immersive web experience that enabled people to see, hear and feel the athletes’ stories.”

To unlock the you-verse, you might want to answer this question, “How can we meet our audiences on their own terms and in their own spaces?”

“Co-create emotional, immersive experiences with individuals that give them more agency and empathy.”

If you like to download the full article in PDF, use the Facebook download link

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