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5 important benefits of the new YouTube handles

YouTube introduces handles (@usernames)

Recently, YouTube, the number one video streaming platform rolled out a new feature – YouTube Handles. This is an exciting update for YouTube creators and users. The YouTube team revealed this through personalized emails sent to every channel owner on the YouTube network.

If you own a YouTube channel, whether it is active or not, you would have received a mail from YouTube informing you of the introduction of YouTube handles.

What are handles, and how do they apply to YouTube?

Handles are unique identifiers of individual users in any online social platform. They can also be referred to as usernames but not all username applications can be referred to as handles. While they are used on many platforms, such, as Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, etc., to identify, message, tag, mention, or just search out users, they simply serve for login and other purposes on other platforms, such as your WP admin dashboard, your mail client, etc.

Let’s read the mail from YouTube

Hi somebody,

We’re writing to let you know that over the coming weeks YouTube will be introducing handles to make it easier for members of the community to find and connect with each other. Your handle will be unique to your channel and will be how people mention you in comments, community posts, and more.

Here’s what you need to know:

We’re gradually rolling out the ability to choose a handle for all channels over the coming weeks, and you will receive another email and a notification in YouTube Studio when you’re able to choose yours. In most cases, if you already have a personalized URL for your channel, we’ve reserved this for you as your handle. If you want a different handle from the one we’ve reserved, you can change it. If you don’t already have a personalized URL today, you’ll also be able to choose a handle for your channel.

Starting on November 14, 2022, if you haven’t yet selected a handle for your channel, YouTube will automatically assign you a handle, which you can change in YouTube Studio if you’d like.

In the meantime, learn more about handles and all the things you’ll be able to do with them:


The YouTube team.

How the new YouTube handles will apply to creators and users

In a short explainer post, the YouTube team added: “YouTube handle is a new way for people to find you and connect with you. Unlike channel names, handles are unique to each creator, making it easier for you to establish a distinct presence on YouTube.”

The post also stated that your new handle will become a part of your channel URL. In most cases, your personalized URL will become your handle. You can use your handle to direct people to your channel when they’re not on YouTube.

For example, your personalized URL will look like this: if your chosen handle is @stephen.

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5 exciting benefits of YouTube handles

  1. Unique identity
  2. Tags & mentions
  3. Getting noticed in shorts
  4. Getting found on YouTube
  5. YouTube community connect
Usernames are unique identities

1. Unique identity: no matter how many users exist on a platform, they can never have the same usernames.

Youtube handles will serve for tags and mentions

2. Tags & mentions: with tags and mentions, you can easily give credit to creators, draw users’ attention to specific content, and also easily market any other channel with just a word.

Get noticed in youtube shorts

3. Getting noticed in shorts: your personalized username will be prominently displayed in a way that reinforces your brand identity in the minds of your audience.

get found on youtube easily

4. Getting found on YouTube easily: if users have your unique username, all they have to do is just type that into the search box, and you will be in their face. More precisely, they have to prefix the username with the @ symbol, and yours will rank first.

Community connection with Youtube handles

5. Community connection becomes more fun with personalized usernames and URLs. Users can easily make references to one another.

Watch the video below to learn more

Heads up

YouTube is carefully assigning/distributing the unique handles by itself. This is because:

  1. There are millions of users with similar channel names which they would love to use as their personalized usernames.
  2. Some creators already have personalized URLs by getting to 100 subscribers benchmark to qualify. Those channel names suffixing the URLs are reserved for the channels as their usernames.
  3. Somehow, there should be preferential considerations based on the channel’s age, authority, traffic, etc.
  4. The team has to ensure a fair opportunity for everyone after reserving what needs to be reserved.

You would be assigned a username based on your channel name but you would be able to change that afterward to your preferred username.

You may not get the exact username you want because it’s been taken or assigned to another creator. This is not new to social media users.

The username feature is currently being assigned, and once yours is ready, you’ll get a mail or a notification in your creator studio app. Download it here for android if you don’t have it yet. You’ll need it as a creator.

Thank you!

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