Rebrand or Not?

If it is time to change your brand’s identity (rebrand), just go ahead. You can’t keep doing the same thing, while expecting a different result. Don’t think of trying to hold on to that old rugged cross.

The boat that landed you where you are now may not be able to take you further under the same conditions. It’s time for servicing. Maybe, time to change some functional parts.

All you have to do is keep the change in tandem with your vision, purpose and values. (Even these change also, in some cases).

Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, stated that “even a great brand needs investment and caring…if it’s gonna retain its relevance and vitality. And this was at a time when he seriously thought about the Apple brand, and its strategy. Changes were made, new strategy adopted, and the result was and is still evident till today.

apple logo historical rebrand and redesign
Apple’s logo redesign from 1976 through till date.

Federal Express is another company that cared enough to review their brand identity, and of course, some other strategies of the brand when they discovered they were losing market share to rising competitors. They hired a top brand strategy agency, and they together, engaged in an extensive branding and market research, and “FEDEX” was born. The result is still speaking loudly to this day.

Every brand out there is competing to remain relevant in their industry, and to their market. Don’t let your business or brand suffer unnecessary loss of brand position. It is no longer popularity that gets the numbers, it is RELEVANCE.

“…even a great brand needs investment and caring…if it’s gonna retain its relevance and vitality.

Steve Jobs

To successfully hit a target, what does the sniper do? Position rightly. Take another queue from the cat family of wild animals. Whenever they sight a prey, oh, the positioning! So tactical and meticulous. Because they must hit their target. The same principle applies to any brand that actually has a target. It must position for the catch. But to attain that position, the brand strategy plays a key role.

Of course, there are cons to rebranding, but that’s only a problem if not properly handled and clearly communicated to the audience.

Whatever needs to change should change! The worst that can happen is that, your brand’s awareness will increase, sales will go up, more leads, better marketing strategies, etc.


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