One time in college, I explained a topic in English Studies to a fellow student. By the time I was done, he became very clear about the topic, and became unhappy with me at the same time. 

Why? He said that something he and most other students in the class had been struggling to understand, because of the lecturer’s attitude to teaching, I understood it very well, and yet never said a word. Anyways, he was appreciative, and I was glad I could help.


Teaching and sharing vital information is the one of best ways to get the word out there about you and your brand. About what you know and what you can do. About your competence and dependability. It increases your Trust Score (TS) and positions you better in the market. 

In one of the branding classes I participated, one question that will never leave me is “HOW ARE YOU CONTRIBUTING TO THE INDUSTRY?” Asked by one of my brand masters, when he taught on sharing relevant information related to your industry – your own original contents. 

In another question, Udumma Ikoro (a writer, publisher, and business coach) asked me once, when I told her that I would love to teach about Brand and Marketing Strategies in one of her business seminars, “how are you showing your works and your knowledge? We invite persons that people could easily reference their works and acknowledge it”.


Your beneficiaries and audience become your brand advocates and your most faithful clients when they can get relevant information from you, because they see you as a person that knows what he/she is doing.

One time in the Bible, Pharaoh had a dream, and needed someone to interpret it. And Joseph was brought forth. By the time he was done displaying his wisdom (knowledge, talent, gifts, expertise), and he didn’t even market himself. He was ready to sell the opportunity to someone else by suggesting to Pharaoh to look out for someone who was wise and discreet, but Pharaoh asked, “who is wiser than you?” And immediately he made him the prime minister.  From prison to a top government official. From a small, local, one-man business to a multinational. 

The same thing happened with Daniel, and he was put in charge of the wise men in the nation of Babylon.

Go ahead and share your knowledge; you don’t have to be topmost professional to share your knowledge. As long as it is unique to you, share it. Isn’t your brand unique to you? Aren’t your customers unique to you? 

There are people that may not easily access the information you have anywhere else, except you share it. And they would even want to get it from you that they can see and touch, as long as you would make references to a more authoritative sources, such as where and how you gathered your knowledge. That’s all!

So, go ahead and become the prime minister! 


And if by any means, you feel you don’t know enough, it’s ok to feel that way but don’t remain there. Arm yourself with relevant information; teach yourself more. Make researches, take courses, either free or paid. Read blog posts, and become an authority in your field. Upgrade yourself, and before long, king’s will come to the brightness of your rising.

Thank you for reading. Please share with reference the author.

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